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Professional Packing Services | Sterling Heights Michigan MI
and Moving Boxes for sale in the Sterling Hts area

When the time comes to move and you are seeking for a moving company that provides a complete moving service by Sterling Heights , we want you to call us for all of your moving and packing needs. Since 1994, we have excelled at training our movers the art of packing boxes professionally every week. Whether you have ski boots to fine china and crystal, we can pack your precious items into our professional grade moving boxes.

We provide packing services in Sterling Heights Michigan

So here it comes, they day to get ready to move from your home and pack up everything and be ready for SterlingHeightsMover to show up to move you. There will be days of excitement for preparing to move your life, family for moving your old home and packing everything you use into boxes for your home near Sterling Heights Michigan 48310 48311 48312 48313 48314.

We would like to ask you a very important question. Are you in need of professional packers in the Sterling Heights area to do it for you?

All of us at Sterling Heights Mover know just how stressful and sometimes crazy your life can be preparing for your move. We understand that you just don't have time anymore to put in a full days work, take care of the kids, gather boxes, scurry around the home and ask neighbors for their newspapers. And yet you still have to manage to go on with your sometimes normal life! In addition to that, you may have to drive to the hardware store for packing boxes, tape,and moving supplies; not to mention prepare that new home of yours for moving in. (See Local Moving and Storage for your moving needs)

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Why do we offer Packing Services in Sterling Heights Michigan for people looking for help to pack boxes in the Sterling Heights Michigan MI area? Simple. With this quick and easy packing service, it allows you to go on with your normal activities and we handle the rest!

We can come into your home and bring all necessary materials and pro packing experience and in just a few short hours, we'll have your home packed in and ready for your transition to your new home! We can even unpack your goods for you!

So perhaps you have time to pack, but don't have the cardboard boxes or packing supplies to do the job? Just click our Moving Supplies link and order online all of your packing supplies from the convenience of your home! After a couple of short clicks of your mouse, we will deliver your order quickly to your door! We have everything you need to pack your home!

And after you're done packing and you find yourself with all those unused cardboard boxes leftover, just bring these boxes to one of our convenient locations and we will gladly refund your money!

Our special packing services are well known throughout the Detroit Metro region! Our packers have packed libraries in schools, classrooms, corporate buildings, and many medical offices. And of course, many, many residential homes like your home! We have the standard one truck two men packing / moving crews for you moving needs. We can also accommodate larger crews if needed.

We have these services that you will benefit using our specialized professional packing services. We have these services for you: packing dishes, packing china, packing expensive sculptures, packing pictures, packing expensive artwork, packing odds and ends, packing books, CDs, DVDs, TV's. We also specialize in professional custom wood crating for expensive pieces that need extra protection and we also offer and provide extra insurance protection for anything we pack or crate.

We do out of state long distance moves too! Our Introduction
One important decision facing anyone preparing to move is whether to do all or part of the packing personally or turn it over to the packing professionals like our moving company near Sterling Heights Michigan. For the family looking for ways to lower moving costs, substantial savings can be realized when the packing chores are performed by family members themselves.

However, the purpose of this page is to provide customers with helpful tips on packing so that belongings may be safely transported by our moving company without incident when the time comes to relocate to your new home.

The packing skills perfected by professional packers were acquired through many years of experience and know-how and much in house training we do. We are sharing some of these techniques with you to help guide you step-by-step as you tackle this new challenge. It's hard work, but if you give yourself plenty of time to do the job carefully, you will be amply rewarded.

Should you need further assistance, we will be glad to provide answers to your questions.

Items of extraordinary value such as jewelry and coin collections should not go in the van. Take them with you! You may want to contact EZ Moving concerning packaging and special handling of fine paintings, sculpture, antiques, and similar delicate items.

Materials Needed

You will need many cartons (boxes) is assorted sizes. They should be clean, in good condition and must have covers so they can be closed and sealed. Start collecting them early.  

You can purchase cartons by ordering boxes online on our website

Or visit our showroom / office conveniently located at...

33155 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser Michigan location

Another point to remember: Cartons can be handled easier if they do not exceed 50 lbs., fully packed. Use this method: Smaller the Box - pack the heavier & the Larger the Box pack the lightest.

Wrapping Paper
You will need plenty of wrapping paper. Many people save and use their old newspapers but keep in mind that the ink never thoroughly dries and items wrapped in newspapers will most likely be soiled and will require cleaning after unpacking. Movers use unprinted newsprint so for items you prefer to keep clean, it would be best to purchase packing paper.

Sealing Tape
Heavy duty plastic tape, 2 inches wide is most suitable for packing.

Magic Markers
Felt pens are ideal for marking boxes with information such as "Contents", "Fragile", "This side up", and which room it should be delivered to.

Some Things to Consider

  1. Start collecting boxes early. An easy way to store cartons so they won't take up storage space is to open both ends of the carton and flatten them out. They can be resealed with tape as you use them.
  2. Pack on a room-by-room basis. Don't pack living room articles with articles from the kitchen. This will eliminate confusion when it's time to unpack.
  3. If possible, start packing early. Even if you only pack two boxes a day, in thirty days you will have packed sixty boxes. Start in areas where the goods are not in frequent use such as a cellar, attic, garage, closet shelves, etc.
  4. Hanging clothes such as suits, dresses, and coats can best be moved in movers' wardrobe cartons. This will save you the trouble and expense of having your garments cleaned and pressed later. You should not leave clothing in garment bags because they are not designed to withstand moving stress. Clothing travels better in wardrobes with the garment bags folded and placed in the bottom of the wardrobe carton. can supply these for you on moving day at no cost.
  5. Dresser drawers do not need to be empty; can handle chests with the drawer contents intact. But do look through all drawers and remove any breakable articles. Make sure that the drawer contents are not too heavy because too much weight can cause damage to the drawer while en route.
  6. What size boxes should you use? The rule-of-thumb is that small, heavy articles such as books, records, canned goods, etc. should go in smaller boxes. Bulkier but not-so heavy articles such as pots, pans. linens, small kitchen appliances, etc. would go in somewhat larger boxes. Very bulky. light- weight articles such as blankets, pillows. toys, large lamp shades, shoes, etc. would go in the largest boxes.
  7. Exercise care to avoid over packing a carton. Weight of small cartons should not exceed approximately 40 lbs., medium cartons 50 lbs., and large cartons 60 lbs.
  8. Do not pack any flammables, combustibles, or explosives. The safety of the shipment is of primary concern. Movers are not allowed to transport paint thinner. gasoline, or anything else of a flammable or explosive nature.

Kitchen Items
Your kitchen table will serve as an excellent spot for packing all your kitchen items, but to prevent scratching the table, you should cover the surface with a blanket or thick pad.

  1. Place a sizable stack of packing paper on the table.
  2. Select a medium-sized carton and line the bottom with several layers of paper for cushioning.
  3. Place one plate in the center of the paper.
  4. Using at least two sheets, grasp one corner and pull the paper completely over the plate.
  5. Stack second plate on first and stretch the second corner over this plate.
  6. Place third plate on the stack and fold the remaining two corners over (one at a time) and fold each over the stack of plates.
  7. Turn your wrapped stack of plates upside down .onto your packing paper.
  8. Re-wrap entire bundle with same procedure described previously. then seal the bundle with masking tape.
  9. Place the bundle in cartons so the plates are standing on edge. Never lay flatware down. Dishes can tolerate greater stress standing on edge.
  10. Follow same procedure for all flatware, saucers, bread and butter dishes, etc.
Remember: Heavy items on the bottom, lighter objects on the top.

Glassware: Glassware, goblets and stemware, especially fine crystal, should be handled with the utmost care and wrapped Individually.
  1. Once again, place a liberal stack of wrapping paper on the table. 
  2. Starting from the corner closest to you, roll the glass diagonally across the stack until sufficiently covered and cushioned. Fold excess paper over glass and tape securely.
  3. Using your best judgment, nest three or four and lay them on your stack of wrapping paper in a diagonal manner, off center, closer to your body.
  4. Line packing carton liberally with cushioning material to reduce vibration and assure a safe ride.

Less expensive glasses and cups can be "nested" (one placed inside another) and three or four wrapped in a bundle. Tear or cut up some small sheets of paper. Use at least a couple of small sheets between each glass/cup as a protective lining.
  1. Take first glass/cup and line with a couple of sheets of cut-up paper.
  2. Place second glass/cup inside the first one. Line with two or more sheets of paper. Insert next one.
  3. Grasp two sheets on the corner closest to you and wrap around glasses/cups.
  4. Repeat procedure with remaining corners of wrapping paper and roll into bundle.
  5. If you have collected liquor cartons with dividers, pack glasses, cups, stemware in these or similar boxes. If your bundle does not fill to the top of the compartment, add additional wadded paper to fill it up.
  6. If you don't have liquor cartons, then pack your glasses, cups, and stemware in boxes with other dishes . . . fitting them in wherever you find spaces. Be sure these articles are toward the top of your carton.

  7. Small Kitchen Appliances
    It's best to pack items such as blenders, toasters, can openers, coffee makers, etc., together in one or two boxes (more as necessary) rather than in other boxes with other goods. When unpacking, they will all be together in the same place. Wrap each appliance individually with two or three sheets of packing paper.

    When all appliances have been packed, if there are any small spaces, wad-up packing paper and fill them in. However, if you have a great amount of space over, you can fill the carton with items such as pots and pans.

    Pots and Pans
    Approximately three pots or pans can be "nested" one inside the other. Tear or cut pieces of packing paper large enough to line two or three sheets in the entire interior of the largest pan.

    Repeat the process and place pans upside down in the middle of your paper stack. Use at least three sheets of paper to wrap the pans.

    Start by grasping one corner of approximately 3 sheets of paper, pulling over and covering the pans. Pull the next 3 corners over one at a time, then seal the bundle with masking tape. Pack in a medium-sized carton.

    Use same procedure for large bowls.

    More Kitchen Packing Tips
    Boxed foods (cereals, etc): Seal boxes that have been opened with masking tape No need to wrap in packing paper NOTE If your shipment is going into storage, you should dispose of opened foods because they might attract rodents and insects

    Spices: Make sure all cans are closed and won't leak If in doubt, seal with tape

    Canister sets: Contents may he in canisters sealing them with tape. Each canister should be individually wrapped with packing paper

    Packing Lamps
    EZ Moving & Storage does not require your lamp to be packed. We will wrap them in our moving pads. We do require that all lamp shades, globes, and bulbs be removed and packed separately.

    Shades: Where possible, lamp shades should be "nested" so that two or three can be packed in the carton. Use CLEAN packing paper (NEVER NEWSPAPERS) as protective linings between each shade. Use the wire rim of the shade to gently lower it into the box to avoid soiling shade

    To more fully utilize some of the lost space in a lamp carton, place something soft such as hats, small pillows, small blankets or bath towels inside the shades. Do NOT pack wadded-up paper around the shades because this could crush them and cause damage.

    Be sure and mark all sides of the carton in large bold letters: "FRAGILE" - "LAMP SHADES."

    Packing Pictures
    Small pictures can be wrapped and placed on edge in normal packing boxes with other goods. Extremely large pictures such as the type commonly found hanging over a sofa or mantle (usually measuring 24" x 36" or larger) do no need to be packed. just add them to your inventory list. EZ Moving & Storage will wrap them in our moving pads.

    Miscellaneous Thoughts

    Hat and Shoe Boxes: Small boxes of this type should be consolidated and packed into larger boxes, filling in all spaces with wadded-up paper.

    Toys: Most toys do not have to be wrapped in packing paper; just place them in large cartons and seal. Any toys to large for a box will take as is. Make sure you add them to your inventory list.

    Loose Shoes: Dress shoes should be wrapped in paper and placed in a box.

    Records: Stand on end and cushion carton well to prevent damage.

    Medicines: Tape all caps securely - do not pack with food items.

    Artificial Flowers: Wrap generously around the base and pack separately in well-cushioned carton. Mark "fragile" and "this end up".

    Tools: Brooms, rakes, etc. should be bundled tightly together. Hand tools should remain in tool box or wrapped individually and place in well-cushioned carton.

    Clothing: Wardrobe cartons are specially designed to provide clean, wrinkle-free movement of clothing. Each wardrobe carton will hold 2 feet of hanging clothes. Let know the total number of wardrobe cartons you will need. Suitcases and cartons lined with clean paper may also be used.

    Drapes/Curtains: Fold lengthwise and secure to padded hanger in clothing wardrobe (same as above), or carefully pack in cartons lined with clean paper.

    Do's and Don'ts

  1. Wash your hands frequently to prevent soiling articles being packed.
  2. Set up a work area, preferably on a large table.
  3. Refrain from smoking while packing, for obvious reasons.
  4. Make sure all cartons and packing materials are dry, clean and of sufficient strength to do the job.
  5. Pack wisely to avoid shifting of contents en route. Keep weight of packed carton under 50 lbs.
  6. Don't pack soaps, polishes or medicines with foods.
  7. Don't pack coins, currency, valuable papers or jewelry. Carry them with you.
  8. Don't pack matches, inflammables, ammunition, acid, explosives, paint or chemicals.
  9. Don't pack irons, kitchenware, or other heavy items in cartons with dishes.
  10. Don't leave trays loose in refrigerator or stove.
  11. Make certain all cartons are properly labeled as to contents and location to be unpacked.

If you follow the suggestions listed, you will not only save money but you can experience a trouble-free move as well.

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